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Fixed term contracts blog update

Changes to fixed term employment contracts

From 6 December 2023, new rules apply when engaging employees on fixed term contracts. If a fixed term employment contract does not comply with the new limitations, the employee’s employment will continue beyond the intended end date of the contract, as will the employee’s right to receive entitlements.  This effectively means that the employee will be […]

Landlord obligations blog

Landlord obligations under the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic)

Under Section 28 of the RLA, landlords are legally obliged to provide written notice to their tenants regarding their entitlement to renew the lease (Notice). This Notice must be provided to the tenant within a specific timeframe, which is generally not less than three months and not more than six months prior to the expiration […]

Binding Financial Agreement

Binding Financial Agreements

Preparing a Binding Financial Agreement during a relationship is the only thing you can do as a couple to control how division of your joint and personal assets and liabilities might be dealt with in the future should you separate.

Why get a Solicitor to prepare your Will?

Why get a Solicitor to prepare your Will?

Although there are options to complete Wills at home, there are many reasons to see a solicitor for help in preparing your Will. Read the rest of the blog to learn more.

Negotiating Construction Contracts Blog

Negotiating Construction Contracts: Tips for Success

Negotiating construction contracts is a complex process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. It’s crucial to have a solid understanding of the legal and commercial aspects of the project before entering into negotiations.

financial abuse blog

Understanding Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a form of family violence. There is no typical victim – statistically it can happen to anyone in any relationship, across different age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultures.

Retail Leases Act

Retail Leases Act – Notice of Renewal

It is important to be aware of when a retail lease without further option to renew is set to end.  For retail leases without an option to renew, landlords are required to provide at least 6 months (but no more than 12 months) written notice before the lease term ends. This notice must stipulate whether the […]

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