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Mortgage Defaults

Can the bank take my house?

The bad news is that yes, if you are in default on your mortgage (and all the necessary steps have been taken by the bank), then the bank might be able to repossess your house. And they don’t necessarily have to go to court to do it… But the story doesn’t have to end like this. The good news is that often there can be another solution if you know where to look. And you’ve come to the right place because we helped others just like you find that solution.

So if you are experiencing mortgage or finance stress, don’t give up - just call us. Our experienced staff are finance specialists in the area of mortgage finance and credit defaults across all areas of the market. It’s a unique area of law and we are proud to offer professional and technically efficient services which get results.

Even if you’ve been taken to court by the lender - try us, you might be surprised at what can be done. We’ll give you a quick, honest and accurate assessment based on your particular circumstances, and the knowledge that comes from having helped many others (just like you) over the years. We’ll listen to your story, ask some questions and arrive at your best solution in no time at all.

Many clients hesitate until the last possible moment due to fear, embarrassment and/or lack of knowledge about what to do and where to go. Don’t lie awake at night worrying, call someone who has seen it all before. The earlier you seek professional advice, the better your chance of a positive result.

If you have received:-

  • a default notice from the lender?
  • a Statement of Claim or Summons from the court?
  • a Notice to Vacate?

Then it’s time you took action - and quick! Don’t delay.

Call us on 03 9548 5500. Allow us to help you save the family home. We’ve done it before. (Our track record is excellent actually.) Call us. We can help.

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