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Possession is 10/10ths of the law

The Personal Property Securities Act has removed ownership as the overriding right in the event of insolvency.  A person who merely “possesses or controls” an asset now has the same rights as an owner. If a company is insolvent all assets in the possession or control of a company in financial distress are now treated as the […]

Superannuation is not a dirty word

We agree, looking after your superannuation may not be as exciting as buying a new car or house, but your super is an asset to be taken seriously. Essentially forced savings, super is money paid on top of your salary by your employer to your nominated super fund. Every time you get paid, so does […]

Tech stalking – don’t be a victim

Previously, stalking was a physical experience. Now people not only have to think about being followed in the car or on the street, but also about being tech-stalked through their mobile phone and computer. Current technology has brought us all closer together – but not always in a good way. It can also allow stalkers […]

What a character! How to write a good reference

Have you been asked to write a character reference for a friend or colleague who has found themselves on the wrong end of the criminal law and you’re not sure where to start? Writing a good reference doesn’t have to be difficult and there’s no particular art to it. But there are a few guidelines […]

Say goodbye to paper trails

The world of conveyancing, which consists of the all the transactions, searches and checks to do with buying or selling real estate, is going completely electronic in Victoria. Next time you buy a property, don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a paper Certificate of Title to authenticate your new purchase – but a digital […]

New for Victorians – a Supportive Attorney

New Powers of Attorney legislation came into force in Victoria on 1 September 2015. What is new (and frankly pretty wonderful) is the ability to have a Supportive Attorney. A Supportive Attorney can help the principal (the person making the appointment) with personal, financial or other matters as specified in the power. This is great […]

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