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$2,000 Government Grant Funding Available for Commercial Legal Work

The Victorian Government has very recently announced the Specialist Advice Pathway Program which supports established employing businesses who have remained in business despite the challenges presented by Covid.

The program provides $2,000 grant funding to support eligible businesses to access legal professional (or accounting) advice – where the minimum project cost is $2,000 (ex GST).

Please see the Victorian Government Website for eligibility requirements and further information:

Note that sole traders are not eligible. The business must also employee 1-19 full time equivalent staff.

The scope of services under the program includes legal advice:-

  • business structuring and governance advice (including director asset protection strategies):
  • advice regarding the management of debts and liabilities;
  • advice and/or representation re commercial agreements/contracts – for example (preparing new or updating existing):-
  • employment agreements;
  • terms and conditions of trade;
  • supply contracts;
  • credit applications;
  • new leases;
  • shareholders/governance agreements

The program is open for applications from 29 August 2022 and will close on Friday 30 September 2022 at 4pm, or earlier if funds are exhausted. 

The applicant must make their own application (not their service provider).

If you are interested in engaging us to assist you with legal advice and/or commercial agreement contract terms and applying for the $2,000 grant under the Specialist Advice Pathway Program, please let us know.  We can also provide assistance with checking you meet the pre-requisites for the program.

Please note that we will only commence work on your matter after your application for the grant funding has been accepted.

If you wish to engage us in connection with the Program our details are:-

  • Business Name of Qualified Service Provider – Alphastream Lawyers
  • ABN of Qualified Service Provider – 95 457 257 056
  • Professional body the Qualified Service Provider belongs to – Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner / Member LIV
  • Professional Membership Number of the Qualified Service Provider: E0010133
  • Registration number of the Qualified Service Provider or their Employer as listed at the Tax Practitioner Board Register – Not applicable so enter 8 zeros i.e. 00000000

The Program has limited funding so if you are interested please apply immediately

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Google Rating
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