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VCAT, otherwise known as the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, is an alternative to court and a tribunal popularly used by Victorians to resolve disputes.

The range of issues covered by VCAT is vast and includes such areas as domestic building disputes, guardianship and administration applications, civil disputes about the provision of goods and services, retail and commercial tenancies, residential tenancies, subdivision disputes, planning and environment disputes, equal opportunity, sexual harassment, land valuation and mental health.

We recommend clients familiarise themselves with the indepthVCAT website at and consider which List their dispute might fall into. Usually matters are initiated by making an application online via the VCAT website.

Contact us to discuss your area of concern and whether it might be best suited to an application to VCAT, court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution.

Even if you don’t know where to start, start with us. We’ll help unravel whatever your worry or dispute is.

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