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Employment Law

An area of law close to most people’s hearts is employment law. Whether you are an employee or the boss of one, there are many ways employment law will impact your daily life. The range of issues in this area of law is diverse and the emotional impact of a disagreement can be challenging for all parties.

Employers and employees alike need to know their rights and obligations at law. Whatever the issue, the key is to get advice early. There may be time limits that apply.

Unfair Dismissal

If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, contact us urgently. You only have 21 days to make a formal application for relief to the Fair Work Commission so time is of the essence. There are a number of eligibility requirements that need to be addressed also so it is important you get advice early.

In the alternative, if you are an employer and feel that an employee is not a good fit with your organisation and are considering termination of their employment, contact us. We will discuss your options and the necessary steps that must be taken to comply with your obligations under the Fair Work Act.


If you have been made redundant but do not believe that it is a genuine redundancy, you should seek urgent advice. A genuine redundancy is one where the employer no longer requires the role to be undertaken at all, often due to a company restructure. Consultation requirements may apply.

Employment contracts

Whether you’re an employer or employee, we can review and assess your employment contracts, or draft new ones where needed.

Other common employment law issues include final payments, unlawful termination, workplace safety, discrimination and workplace bullying. Call for advice, we’d be happy to help you find your way through the employment law maze.

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